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Useful properties the use of quince

Prepare the juice of ripe fruit quince. It has tonic, antiseptic, styptic, astringent and diuretic properties. Has a positive effect in case of anemia, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal, and asthma. As an antiemetic good juice and pulp of boiled or baked fruit quince. Consume the juice of quince have to 0.5-1 glasses before a meal.

The positive impact on the human psyche have all sorts of fruit quince.  Useful substances contained in the quince fruits stimulate, improve mood. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract that are accompanied by fluid loss from the body (diarrhea or bleeding), you can use quince fruit pulp, as it has fastening.

People with asthma are relieved after the use of quince juice. Again, apply the juice of quince at illnesses and ears.  A roll of the rectum or anus cracks quince juice is used in the form of lotions, poultices.  Bronchitis, hemoptysis, uterine bleeding is well used slimy broth seed. To make it, take 5-10 grams  seeds boiled in 100 ml of water until the mucous mass.

Is the inside of a tablespoon three - four times a day.  When inflammation of the eye, tonsillitis, burns and skin irritations. Help again, slimy broth just use it already have externally in the form of lotions and as an anti-coating agent (with the inflammation of the eye). With angina, as gargle.  Quince is a close relative of apples and pears. However, raw quince malosedobnaya, or even considered harmful to the intestines. Given all this, naturopaths, nutritionists, treat it very carefully.

However, if you cook a quince, its acidic pulp becomes soft and sweet this, then it has won the popularity. I guess everyone dovilos try quince jam or marmalade, in addition to being very tasty, so it is also very useful. Especially in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract with an inflammatory nature.

However, not only in the benefits of a quince. It is suitable not only for the jam, it is used for making soft drinks and fruit compotes. Particularly widely spread quince in Central Asia, where its use in various forms.  According to the content of biologically active substances, including seed crops, fresh fruit quince take one of the first places.

Health benefits of quince are primarily in the content of fructose, glucose, pectin compounds, lemon, malic acid and tartronovoy, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and copper. And also a lot of vitamins, namely a large number of pro-vitamin A and other vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B6, PP.  You can not eat inside the quince with constipation, pleurisy.

So how can it harm the vocal cords and larynx, it should not take her to singers, teachers. However, there is no contraindication for topical use in the form of salves, or lotions.  The use of quince. Fruit quince As a drug quince used since ancient times. To treat or prevent iron-deficiency anemia or to reduce the temperature using fresh fruit quince.

To improve digestion, you can use quince compote of cooked fruits and mixed with honey and vinegar. To ease the condition when accompanied by diarrhea, intestinal diseases, or to strengthen the liver and stomach to help quince fruit, thanks to a large number of pectin compounds. Pregnant women help get rid of toxicity helps boiled or baked quince. As an antiseptic used the juice from the ripe fruits of quince.

It is a must for all those who suffer from respiratory problems and asthma. Since it is astringent and diuretic properties, it is useful to use in cystitis. In addition, the fruits of quinces can get rid of negative, obsessive thoughts and improve your mood.  Infusion of the crushed leaves and twigs quince able to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetes. In order to reduce high blood pressure, infusions should take 20 drops twice a day.

The infusion is prepared as follows. 100gramm fresh leaves of quince pour half a glass of vodka, insist week, then strain the liquor and ready for use. Water extract of the leaves can relieve asthma attacks and even stop them completely, of course with prolonged use. To do this, ten leaves pour one cup of hot water to boil 15 minutes on a water bath. After that, squeeze, add boiling water to the original volume.

Eat before meals 3-4 times a day to 2 tablespoons.  Prepare the infusion from the seeds of quince. To do this, take ten grams of seeds of quince, pour a glass of warm water and not disturb less than five minutes. It is important not to grind the seeds, because they stand out from amygdalin - a poisonous substance, which gives the quince smell of bitter almonds.

This infusion is very useful for gastritis, constipation, and upper respiratory tract as an expectorant. Apply strained infusion four times a day for one tablespoon, 30 minutes after eating.  This infusion is very helpful for skin irritations or burns. Damaged area should be lubricated throughout the day as often as possible. If you are plagued by colitis, it is better to make a tincture. Ten grams of seeds of quince, pour a glass of cold water and leave to infuse overnight.

Morning, strain the infusion take three - four times a day for half a glass. With eye diseases decoction of seeds is used in the form of lotions, like rinsing with angina.  In cosmetology quince is used for many centuries.

It improves the complexion. Juice is used for information and freckles to cleanse oily skin. To do this, rub the grate on the quince, moistened cotton wool in the resulting juice and wiped his face, as do several times a den.Esli skin is oily with enlarged pores, it is useful to use balms and lotions, made on the basis of a quince. The skin then becomes smooth, it becomes natural shine and silkiness.

To use the hair decoction of the leaves of a quince. It strengthens the hair dye gray hair early, get your hair a nice shade especially dark. In order to get rid of dandruff and greasy hair is good to use a decoction of the seeds. To do this it must be for a week to rub it into the scalp. As the hair dries, rinse them with hot water.  Quince help get rid of uterine bleeding, which often affects women during menopause.

Recommended the week before menstruation to start taking a decoction of quince seeds three times a day, or tea made from chopped fruits of quince. Drink fresh juice of quince is strongly recommended for infertility.

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